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The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Belmont, Harrison, and Monroe Counties annually offers two types of funding opportunities.  One type is the Request for Board Funding, which is used to fund agencies that provide Medicaid-like and non-Medicaid like services and the option to financially support workforce development.  This opportunity is open to any agency, private and non-private, doing business in the board area.  The second type is the Community Wellness and Recovery Supports Grants, which are designed to fund projects that focus on mental health and/or substance use that impact identified consumers or at-risk populations within Belmont County.  Funding for the Community Wellness and Recovery Support Grants come directly from the Belmont MHRB levy.

Application for Board Funding FY 2025

Application for FY25 closed March 4, 2024.   Applications for Board Funding for FY26 will open in January 2025.

Community Wellness and Recovery Supports Grant Application for Funding FY2025

Applications for FY25 are currently open and are being accepted until April 22, 2024.