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Social Media

Technology makes our lives better in numerous ways. There is a growing concern that our increased reliance on technology may be hurting us. Some data suggests that reduced person-to-person interaction and diminished abilities to develop protective mechanisms contribute to increased levels of depression, stress and anxiety through in young people.  Even though binge watching programming and texting may not be harmful like tobacco or illegal drugs are, over reliance on technology can be a problem.  It could be covering up a hidden mental health concern.

Teens who are struggling with their mental health may be more likely to use social media frequently, while excessive use of social media use may over time contribute to poor mental health. Mobile devices and computer screens used to view social media sites have one thing in common: they emit high levels of blue light. This artificial light suppresses melatonin production more aggressively than any other wavelengths. Browsing social media before bed impacts you from being sleepy – disrupting healthy sleep cycles.